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About Us

Welcome to Miracle Balance

about us image dna strandAs a company we do not ever compete with you. We only sell through Dr’s offices, Qualified Independent Stores and Agents that understand the Health benefits of Scalar Energy. Our products are exclusive to you and are not sold online by Miracle Balance and we do not compete with you as most others. You get to keep the loyalty of your hard earned customers. We have been doing this loyally for over 10 years and continue to build working partnerships. Give us a try, you will love the personal service and caring service.

Imagine being able to instruct your body’s cells to perform specific tasks by sending a signal that stimulates acupuncture meridians. Miracle Balance is able to offer this breakthrough technology and bring it to market.

This holographic-technology is developed and manufactured in the form of adhesive discs about the size of a nickel. The possibilities are endless and offer a future of a host of different products which will improve our lives in a variety of ways.

And we do all this without the introduction of chemicals, herbs, or physical devices into the body. The products combine the proven Traditional Chinese Medicine of acupuncture with advanced holographic technology in a safe and effective way.

Our product philosophy is to provide our customers with products that are safe and effective that is why we have a 100% guarantee. These products are produced to the highest quality standards, and are tested in rigorous clinical studies. Our discs are used all over the world, and our customers keep coming back because they recognize the significant improvements our holographic disc make in their everyday lives. With this unique technology in the hands of our scientists, there’s no limit to what the future may hold!


Our Mission

To raise the consciousness and the health of the world, one person at a time. Working with the Miracle Balance, one comes to realize that those who see the invisible can do the impossible. When one comprehends that in the world of quantum physics everything is energy, then one begins to really understand the nature of our universe. All life forms, plant and animal, are energy, and everything in our universe, both the seen and unseen, is energy. Our goal is to help raise the vibration, frequency, and energy of all life forms. By instilling only positive vibrations into the bio-fields of plants and animals, counteracting negative energetic forces, we are helping to raise energy levels to the point where disharmony can no longer exist.


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