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Category: Testimonial Scalar Oil

Pain Relief

I first heard of CBD oil and its benefits in a newsletter I receive. I have two family members with Stage 4 breast cancer. They tried the Scalar CBD oil (1000mg) and had significant reduction in pain. The first one was taking two to three prescribed pain pills per day and supplementing that with OTC pain meds in between doses….

Amazing results!

I started having severe back pain in the fall of 2017. So severe that the walk to my mail box (75 ft) could only be accomplished after several brief rests. I had a MRI conducted in January of this year and discovered my l5 vertebra was greatly deteriorated. I was taking 800 mgs of ibuprofen three times a day with…

Working well so far

I started taking the oil about 2 weeks ago. The first thing I noticed is I was recovering from exercise much quicker. I also seemed to have a more stabilized blood pressure and I’m sleeping like a baby. I went out of town for three days and didn’t take the oil with me. I could tell a difference so I…

Unbelievable results

I have always been skeptical on the use of miracle cures and remedies. In the last three years I have undergone back surgery, treatment for internal bleeding, nerve injury from a fall and a procedure to remove a malignant mass from a kidney. As a result I went from a very active and fit 80 year old male to an…

Scalar Infused CBD and Autism

Greetings, and thank you for letting me share my testimony. I have a beautiful 7 year old niece (Sarah) who deals with autism. As a result, she experiences profound sensory issues and is currently non-verbal and communicates through a small amount of sign language. For the last month and a half, she has not been eating and has basically been…

75% improvement of scalp psoriasis

Wow. After over 30 years of having psoriasis on my neck and scalp, I have never seen this much improvement. I used the 250 mg bottle, 12 drops 2 x per day for a month. Dramatic improvement after a few days!

It’s True

I have been looking at different brands of CBD oil for a while and have almost purchased several times. I saw a friend on IG using the Scalar oil and after speaking with Derrick I chose to give this one a shot. I have experienced almost immobilizing back pain for the last several months due to emotional stress of divorce…


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