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Scalar Sleep Wristbands

The benefits from the technology on our SCALAR sleep bands are endless: deep relaxing sleep, natural relief of insomnia and waking up refreshed and energized.


sleep-bandIf you are one of the 100 million plus people in the United States who suffer sleep deprivation be aware that inadequate sleep influences other areas of your life.  Everything from work performance, mood, hypertension, weight gain, and premature aging can be linked to sleep deprivation.  Lack of sleep cost our businesses billions in lost productivity each year to indicate the size of this issue.

Good health starts with good sleep because like a battery your body needs time to recharge to perform at your max. Using an MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band at night along with an MBdisc Performance band during the
day will provide the best of all world for those who understand we live in a toxic world and need a little help to cope.

Testing shows exciting results At Miracle Balance we are committed to helping you get the rest you need.   We are currently running Zeo Monitoring (ZQ) tests using our new sleep band.  These ongoing tests are exciting. A 67 year old subject was getting the equivalent of a 30 year old deep sleep.

The ZQ score indicates the composite of all the levels of Sleep.  In the samples attached we show the before test and after using a MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band. The before score is 69 in the first example, after sleeping with the MBdisc band is 83. This shows an increase of 14 ZQ points, which puts the subject 67 years old in the sleep category of a person in their 30’s.  The second test shows the 57 year old with a baseline of ZQ 42 and the score with a MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band is ZQ 98.  This is the equivalent of the sleep score of a 20 year old.  Truly amazing results.

This is a significant increase in sleep quality using just the addition of the MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band. No drugs or chemicals. The advantage of our band over drug based sleep products is obvious – just listen to the list of side effect that show up in every drug commercial disclaimer.

Miracle Balance product disclaimers are simple, there are no side effects known and MBdiscs and bands are totally non-invasive and all natural.

Available Sizes: Small – 6.5”, Medium – 7.5”, Large – 8.5”, X-Large – 9.5”.

Additional Study

The study we did at Troy University this past spring with the football team showed that our Miracle Balance bands lowered heart rate and blood pressure.  Lowering heart rate and blood pressure creates a calming effect on the body, which is a must in the sleep process.

We now have two major universities, Troy and the University of Alabama, showing that the signals from our discs create a biological reaction through acupuncture points on the body.  In addition, we have completed many other tests including live blood, thermal imaging, bio-coherence and the cell phone EMF study as proof of our claims.

We are currently developing a system with integrated head band and phone app to read your sleep/brain waves and give a report, so one can determine and test their own sleep improvement.


It appears the MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band is lowering wake time, increasing REM sleep, and increasing
Deep sleep.

As we get more data we will continue to fine tune your sleep experience with the MBdisc Sleep band. If you or your loved ones have sleep issues you may want to consider our MBdisc Sleep band.

Sleep Test

Test independently completed by Subjects in ongoing sleep data collection

Subject age 67 (rounded age to nearest birthday)

Baseline Sleep without Band


Sleep monitor with band (Zeo Sleep Monitor)


Substantial increase in sleep quality.  ZQ score improved from 69 to 83.  67 year old sleep quality equivalent to the sleep of a person in their 30’s with the sleep band.

Subject age 57 baseline without band

Sleep quality increased from a ZQ 42 before the band to a ZQ 98 after the band.



Subject with the sleep band had a sleep equivalent of a person in their 20’s.

Subject age 38 baseline without a sleep band

Subject with a sleep band on the first night. ZQ score increased from 65 to 77 with a much better night’s sleep.



Subject with a sleep band on the 2nd night and continued improvement indicating the possibility of entrainment from use of the bands.  Subject is sleeping like a person in their 30’s.


Subject is 29 years old and normally sleeps with the sleep band.

Baseline is taken by skipping a couple of nights from wearing the band.


Sleep quality score does not show a big increase in going from 83 to 85 but the quality of the sleep pattern and reported feelings the next morning are significant.


The big difference in the sleep quality it seems is it took far less time to get to sleep.  When asleep the subject did not wake up all night. Subject is young and sleeps according to the normal sleep of a person in their 20’s.

Subject is 26 years and had the quality of sleep of
a person in their 70’s without the sleep band.

Subject with the sleep band increased their sleep score from ZQ 53 to ZQ 86, which is the equivalent of the sleep pattern of a person in their 20’s.




Use of caffeine and other stimulants can delay effectiveness of the Holographic Disc. If you have been taking drugs or chemicals you will likely  experience a detoxification effect (increase urination and/or body odor). Increase your intake of non-fluoride –mV water.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. For external use only.  Do not ingest. Remove  immediately  if you feel discomfort or skin rash occurs and increase intake of non-fluoride, -mV water.

These guidelines are solely for educational and informational purposes. The information is no way intended to be medical advice. Please consult a medical or health professional before you begin this or any health program, if you have any questions or concerns about your health. Mbdisc are not intended to be used in the cure, treatment or prevention of disease in man or animals. Individual results will vary.


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