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Scalar Infused CBD and Autism

Greetings, and thank you for letting me share my testimony. I have a beautiful 7 year old niece (Sarah) who deals with autism. As a result, she experiences profound sensory issues and is currently non-verbal and communicates through a small amount of sign language. For the last month and a half, she has not been eating and has basically been on a liquid diet, with a few bites of solid food “every once in a while”. Her teachers from school have been terrified right along with the rest of us! So last night I decided to put ONE DROP of this amazing SCALAR oil under her tongue, and SHE BEGAN TO EAT!!! In fact, she ate for hours without stopping! He mother was amazed — we almost started to cry as we looked in utter amazement at Sarah just chomping away! Thank you so much. There are really no words that can describe just how grateful we are.
— Lisa


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