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bioexplorersettings pic1There are a number of ways of measuring the influence of our Holographic Data Disc™ on the body.

One is by using BioExplorer in conjunction with spectral analysis using Spectra Vision software.

Determining the affect of geometry, color, vortexes, symbols, tones and other properties are first tested with BioExplorer connected to Spectra Vision equipment and software.

Our scientists want to know what combinations of properties contribute to the meridian system of the body and which combinations deduct from the meridian system. A year of testing went into the configuration of the different combinations we are using that can both be seen in the hologram and those that cannot.

These designs are inherently altered in the laser process of creating our holograms.

Our scientific process then insures that the balance and energy values are kept intact after the laser process.

An acknowledged method of measuring cause and effect is with BioExplorer. BioExplorer is set up to test biofeedback and to track, in our case, preset frequencies that correspond to main energy centers in the body for comparison to the before and after affects of our Holographic Data Disc™. Note the partial example of the configuration of BioExplorer for our analysis.

Each layer of the holograms are tested along with the final product. Tests consistently prove that the Holographic Data Disc™ influence the meridian system in the body 100% of the time.

Here are the actual examples of Bioxplorer scans conducted in real time. This person was tested in a gym environment after exercising. She was extremely impacted by activity and noise in the area as noted by the high amplitude energy movement in the graph below and high readings.

bioexplorer before pic2

bioexplorerafter pic3

Within minutes of applying our Holographic Data Disc™ to her wrist, the adrenal stress lowered. She became calmer while at the same time entered into a more balanced yet strong condition. Of special note is that Spectravision is measuring long waves in the spectrum of 0 to 10 Hz. Long waves are appreciably more difficult to influence from a positive or negative standpoint than higher wave lengths. Here is an example of comparison testing done at every phase with Spectravision software on a Spectralite machine.

bioexplorer after pic4bioexplorer after pic5

The first and second graphs above show the base line relationship of energy flow in each gland area which ties into the preset frequencies noted in BioExplorer.

bioexplorer after pic6bioexplorer after pic7

This second set of charts above show the degree of amplitude or strength of the energy flow in the body 3 minutes later with the Holographic Data Disc™ on the Weight Suppress foot point, worn on the sole of the shoe, just in front of the heal of each foot. The first chart is more balanced with the adrenals and pineal gland areas de-energized. Of special note is the amplitude of the signal going through the body when wearing our Holographic Data Disc™. The average amplitude for the base line was .55 and the second graph shows amplitude of over 1.3, which is almost a 300% improvement.

In Summary

When a Data Disc™ is in the body’s biofield they act to bring the body into biocoherence and balance, 100% of the time. We have conducted numerous tests to confirm this. These results are now being formulated into a detailed study.

We are authenticating and replicating, in the lab, that the feedback we are getting from the field and the lab are the same. The Lab results confirm that 100% of the time the Data Discs™ are influencing the acupuncture system of the body.

The only claim we make is that we have developed a device that stimulates acupuncture points and meridians to do what is claimed and approved by all the regulating agencies regarding acupuncture.


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