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Private Label

Whether you are interested in using our in-house Mbdisc brand or you want to develop your own white label, our laboratories and plant can accommodate any type of product formulation.

Whether you are interested in using our in-house Mbdisc brand or you want to develop your own white label, our laboratories and plant can accommodate any type of product formulation. We service clients of all sizes because our facilities are designed  to be able to easily manufacture any quantity order. For this reason, we are always able to offer you both low minimum quantities and huge volume discounts.

Miracle Balance  is an industry leader in the Energy Medicine field and we are known for the quality of our equipment, the speed of our manufacturing and fulfillment and the reliability of our staff.

Begin the process with a FREE consultation with a Miracle Balance specialist who will assess your business needs and help you determine which product types and formulas will best suit your clientele.

Unlike other manufacturers who can only provide one step of the process, our team is a full-service provider. We develop custom logos, labeling and packaging for a complete, turn-key solution to all of your white label needs.

Product Fulfillment

From point A to point Z, the fulfillment process at Miracle Balance  is smooth and professional.

When one of your customers places an order, the continuity between our systems will receive and process that order, recording its details and beginning the fulfillment process. The specific products will be programmed and picked for packing.

During the packaging phase, our clients have the option of choosing between many different forms, sizes and styles of boxes, labels, wrapping and inserts. Customized packaging is completed with great care in the handling of your products and with great professionalism in the presentation and appearance of the final package.

Fundraising Program – If you are not powered by 8 MBdisc, you are not powered at all!

various private label wristbands MBdisc holographic performance wristbands are the only bands backed by scientific research.

Balance, Muscle Endurance, Stamina, Pain Relief, Recovery and more…

Power bands are very popular around the globe, but our bands are the only ones with scientific research backing our claims.  Many other powerband companies are making claims they cannot back up.  Our bands are being utilized in SEC, ACC, Sunbelt and Division II schools.  Anyone can benefit from our bands, not just athletes.  We have numerous testimonies from individuals that have had great success with MBdisc wristbands.  If you want to feel better, power up with MBdisc!


1. Is there a minimum order?
Yes, the minimum order is 500 Performance Bands. Once 500 performance bands have been sold the bands may be purchased in increments of 250.

2. When will we receive our order?
The first 500 performance bands will be ordered once the sample has been approved, the agreement form has been signed and order forms and documents have been delivered. The estimated delivery time for the first 500 Performance bands will be approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

3. Can I add-on to my order?
Yes, you can. Our company will contact the “leader” once a week during the 3 week selling period and additional Performance Bands can be added.

4. What is your customer service like?
We have a superior customer service team that works hard to exceed your expectations. Our main objective is to assist you in reaching your fundraising goals.

5. Do we need to pay for our order up front?
Yes, but a deposit only of 35%.  There is no upfront cost! There will be a 3 week selling period in which the school, group, church etc. will sell as many performance bands as possible.  At the beginning of the “selling period” 500 bands will be ordered. During this 3 week period any amount over 500 bands can be added in increments of 250.

At the end of this 3 week period a count will be turned in for a total amount sold. The Performance Bands will be delivered in 3 to 4 weeks from the order date.  It is recommended a small zip lock bag be used to deliver the purchased bands with a thank you note from the school athletic team inserted in the bag.   At this time Mbdisc will collect the remaining payment for the purchased bands and the school, group, church etc. will keep their profit on Performance Band.

6. What is the suggested sell price?
The suggested sell price is $39.95 per Performance Band.. (The Performance Bands for Universities and Colleges are sold for $29.95-$40.00.)

7. What if we do not sell the minimum of 500 Performance Bands in the 3 week period?
If the minimum goal of 500 performance bands is not reached in the 3 week selling period the school, group, church, etc. will have to pay the remaining payment for the bands.  The total payment for the bands can be covered with the sale of only 160 bands.

The participating party will still have 340 bands in inventory to sell during other times of the year.

8. How to Encourage Sales?
It is recommended that members of each team participating in the fund raising be assigned 5 to 10 bands to sell.  Since these are true performance bands, see the description of the band affect enclosed, the administration, athletes and cheerleaders will want to buy the first 100 to 250 bands depending on school size, which will leave only 250 or less bands for the public.  The athletes and cheerleaders should have no issue in selling 4 bands each to their parents and friends.

Here are some other ways to help boost your sales. A few schools have offered a free out of uniform day for each student that has purchased and is wearing their school Performance Band. This is an extra incentive for the students to help support their school. Another way to help boost sales is to offer rewards for the top sales person. Simply adding a challenge can help push the team members to sell above the maximum amount.

The amount of effort in selling MBdisc High School Performance Bands is far less for far more profit than any current fund raising method.  500 bands will contribute a minimum of $5,000.00 in a short period of time and 1000 bands will contribute $10,000.00, which in the present economy is much needed by most high schools.

The MBdisc School Fund Raising Program is designed to help schools provide funds for students and student athletes.  MBdisc Performance Bands help generate money through custom school and other logos. Various sports, clubs, and organizations will benefit from their own marketable band to wear with pride.

The suggested retail price of the bands is $39.95.  Schools have the option of creating their own selling price, which can range from $20.00 to $50.00, generally.  Schools may want to do family plans where the families buy for the whole family and get a discount.  An example for a family of 3 would be 3 bands for $75.00 instead of $120.00.

Funds scarce, parents foot bill

High School Booster Clubs in a pinch to raise money for extracurricular activities – Extracurricular fees climb higher as districts cut budgets.

It is personal when the title of an article on the front page of the Atlanta paper hits home.  Our family knows the pocketbook pain of providing extra-curricular activities for our two granddaughters who are in middle school. Both play softball for a hefty price of $750 this season. This does not include practice uniforms, batting cage fees and lessons.

As school districts all over the nation cut budgets, parents are forking over bulky fees to keep sports and music programs from being shut down.  Our family is no different having helped to set up the local high school booster club 2002-2004. The Northview Booster Club in Johns Creek, GA worked with local businesses to raise more than $500,000 within two years to purchase everything from athletic uniforms to equipping a weight room.

Our company decided in 2009 to help parents pick up the tab when designing the performance wristband fundraiser. Our 100% surgical grade wristbands are being utilized in SEC, ACC, Sunbelt and Division II schools. It seemed a natural transition into the high schools.

“I had over 35 schools successfully making money by selling the Mbdisc performance band for $29.00 to $39.00 each,” says Alabama middle school football coach Mark Cochran.

For every 20 athletes on a team that sells 10 bands each the reward is a profit of $2,500 for their team. We will customize your performance band with your school logo when purchasing 500 bands or more. Small orders (300-500 bands) there is a small customization charge. For more details email

There is more to our athletic bands than just showing school spirit and helping raise money for your school.  University testing shows that our holographic bands will increase strength and endurance in a natural healthy way.  No drugs, no chemicals while maximizing your potential.


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